Let your imagination run free

We have the materials, the shapes and the finishes to create products from your sketches.

Design with no limits: We are manufacturers

You supply the ideas; we supply the finished products.

Focus on creating

You can choose from over 3000 available references or we can create a new one for you.

Permesa Architecture and Industrial - How We Work - Finished and custom made products

How we work

The starting point is always an initial idea in the creator’s mind, a freehand line that turns a mental image into a sketch. Permesa transforms these ideas into products.

We shape metal, turning it into a malleable sheet that acquires shape, texture, rhythm, colour, which in turn will create new spaces, volumes with a life of their own, from that initial sketch.

We will work together, as a team, engaged in your project from beginning to end, listening to you, understanding your ideas and finding the best way to materialise them in an efficient and sustainable manner, as agreed with you.

Custom made creative developments for architects


Your creativity should not be limited; therefore, we offer you the possibility of obtaining products in expanded metal with unique designs, either random or following intentionally changing parameters and rhythms.

Find the one you are looking for or we can develop an exclusive design for your project, giving personality to your building and leaving your unmistakable personal stamp.

Permesa - Finished and custom made products for architects