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Permesa Industrial - Certificación de calidad ISO 9001

Products and services

In the industrial sector, we are mainly characterised by manufacturing top level products. Offering a wide range of products that meet the most stringent quality standards. Our manufacturing processes have received ISO 9001 accreditation. In our catalogue you are sure to find the reference you need or the opportunity for us to develop and manufacture it.

We work with materials such as iron (cold rolled, hot rolled, galvanized), aluminium and different types of steel, among others, and we can offer countless combinations and finishes.

Permesa Industrial - Trabajamos nervometal

Main types of products:

Expanded metal (extended) or Deployé: Mesh produced by cutting and stretching the material used, forming a diamond-shaped mesh. It is increasingly popular in modern architecture and it is still used in enclosures, protection and defence, etc. The mesh can be laminated, depending on its characteristics.

Perforated metal sheet: it has innumerable applications in many sectors of industry (mining, agricultural, architecture, etc.) and different uses, filtering, sifting seeds or mineral, trays, separators, cladding ceilings and walls, as well as a protective element, street furniture, among others. We offer a wide variety of types of perforation (round hole, square hole, long round, hexagonal, decorative) and in different types of material (iron, steel, aluminium), in different grades of quality (cold rolled, hot rolled, galvanized, aisi 304, aisi 316…) and thicknesses.

Embossed metal sheet: This kind of metal sheet is commonly used as a non-slip surface (floors, steps) and even decorative. We have different embossing designs.

Nervometal: A metal mesh used for lost formwork, reinforcing concrete as well as a support for plaster lath. Due to its rigidity and flexibility, it adapts perfectly to formwork of any architectural shape. Used in straight or curved panels, always providing a regular faultless surface in formwork or plasterwork.