Permesa’s main activity is manufacturing metal products for a constantly more demanding, innovative and technological market.

Located 20 kilometres from Bilbao, 20 from the Port and 10 from the Airport of Bilbao, in the neighbourhood of Urduliz, Vizcaya, Permesa is a company specialised in manufacturing and commercialising expanded metal mesh (extended) or deployé, perforated sheet metal, opaque sheet metal (smooth or embossed) and nervometal.

We have a lot of experience in the sector. In 1962, we started as Mepersa, with a manufacturing area of 4,000 m2, after which we became Permesa Berria S.L.L. and we are currently proud to be the new Permesa, with an Industrial line of products offering over 3000 references for different sectors, and the new line: Permesa Arquitectura, prepared to satisfy the demands of a growing sector with a demand that is not easily satisfied on the national and international market. In any of its areas, Permesa is committed to offer the best quality and attention possible to our clients.

Find more information about our high-quality products, about some of the projects we have been involved in and about our multiple services. We guarantee not only top-class production, but also the development of new products if necessary and quick and safe delivery that is sure to satisfy your needs and expectations.

Permesa Arquitectura e Industrial