We manufacture high quality metal products that are innovative architectural solutions for national and international markets. Expanded or deployé metal, perforated or embossed, is key in the restoration of existing or the construction of new buildings, providing light and a new skin. We work with aluminium, stainless steel, galvanized, mild steel, copper, composite, brass and other materials as the base of our products.


Expanded or deployé metal is a key ally in large architectural projects, combining aesthetics and energy efficiency; the main concerns of modern architecture. Manufactured by shearing a sheet of metal in a press which at the same time is stretched, leaving empty areas surrounded by interconnected metal. Depending on the type of shape of the empty areas, the mesh can be classified as: geometric or irregular. We can also make any sort of shape or drawing to the client’s requirements.

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Expanded mesh or deployé offers good support and resistance on bi-dimensional surfaces, efficient use of material and it is lightweight. Geometrical mesh has a diamond, hexagonal or round shape (among many others that can be made) and in hundreds of combinations of materials, technical characteristics and finishes.


This variety offers new perspectives for creative design and enables fascinating architectural solutions. Liberated from traditional shapes and homogeneous patterns, becoming a mesh with changing rhythms. Discover our new products inspired by the majestic desert dunes of the world: Atacama, Gobi, Kalahari, Sahara, Tabuk…

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Architects as important as Herzog & De Meuron, Morphosis and Steven Holl have raised the status of perforated sheet metal, which until relatively recently was almost exclusively relegated to industrial use, to an internationally acknowledged aesthetic height, where the only limit seems to be the designer’s imagination.

We can offer a wide range of sheets of metal with perforations in limitless shapes: round or elongated round holes, squares, rectangles, hexagons, decorative drawings and any other type of perforation by request.


One of the most common shapes for perforated sheet metal for highly diverse uses is round. Permesa can work with different diameters from 1.5mm to 150mm with four types of hole layouts (T, U, M, Z) and different types of edging.

The materials most commonly used in this category are: stainless steel, steel and aluminium. We also perforate composite, brass, copper and other types of alloys.


This category comprises square perforations with sides measuring 1.5mm – 150mm, and includes rectangular perforations, which can be laid out parallel to the width or length of the metal sheet.

The materials most commonly used in this line are: stainless steel, steel and aluminium. We also perforate composite, brass, copper and other types of alloys.


We provide perforated products in a wide range of finishes, such as polished stainless steel, brushed aluminium, anodised, lacquered, textures, etc. These types of metal sheets are made in thicknesses from 0.8 mm – 5 mm and with holes from 1.5 mm – 15 mm.


This section includes all shapes different from round, square or hexagonal. Any shape can be used for the design of a new perforated sheet of metal. These are some examples. We can also combine techniques such as expanding and perforating on the same mesh, offering unique and original results.


Metal plates without any empty areas (no holes of any kind), in different finishes depending on the material used for manufacturing: aluminium, steel, stainless, composite, copper, brass and even non-metallic materials. Some of which can have mechanical treatment, others can be lacquered, we can give them texture or alter their colour or roughness to achieve a wide range of effects in keeping with the concept of the work.

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Metal plates without expansion or perforation or pressing, they are different according to the material they are made of: aluminium, steel, copper, brass or non-metallic. They can be in natural state, like stainless steel and aluminium, have machined finishes such as brushing or polishing to make them shinier, and some with finishes such as textured lacquer (Polaris finish). Corten or weathering steel has a high content of copper, chrome and nickel, giving it a characteristic reddish orange colour.


Embossed gaufré, is made by applying relief onto the surface of the metal plate by stamping in a press. The sheet of embossed metal can be steel, aluminium, iron, as well as many other materials and can also be combined with other manufacturing techniques such as perforation.

The variety of finishes is even more diverse than the materials. Any concept can be made into a new reference.